Welcome to Skipping in Seattle!

I have created this little blog in order to document this exciting time. What is so exciting? Well, my husband and I just moved to Seattle from San Diego!

So, how about a little background…

I am 23 years old and married to the most caring, passionate, handsome man in the whole entire world. Hubs and I got married in October of 2009 surrounded by the most amazing family and friends anyone could ask for.

Photography By Paul

Almost instantly we started gaining weight and committing ourselves to a sedentary lifestyle. We were turning into big fat slob kabobs. By March of 2010, we had had enough. We wanted to have energy again. We wanted to feel good about ourselves again. We wanted change.

We started working out together and eating healthier. Thanks to our strong support for each other, we lost a combined total of nearly 50 pounds! In the process, I also discovered a new passion for running. Since March of 2010, I have ran in three 5K races and even a HALF MARATHON!

Then, about two months ago, we made the move. We packed up our belongings and left our little home in San Diego, California and headed north for Seattle, Washington. Both my hubs and I grew up in San Diego. We had never lived anywhere else. All of our immediate family and a lot of our extended family reside in San Diego. This was huge.

Space Needle Seattle

So far, it has been such an amazing experience, but something tells me our journey is far from over…

So, this is where our story starts…

I hope you plan on sticking around for a while!

Take care until next time,


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