West Seattle 5K Race Recap

I was actually surprised at how big this race ended up being. There were over 1,000 people that successfully completed the 5K. All the proceeds went to West Seattle High School.

The race started at 9:30 am which meant that I actually was able to sleep in a little bit on the morning of a race! That is always a nice surprise. I woke up at about 7:30, got dressed, ate a bagel thin and a banana, whored it up for the camera and headed on my way.

[Traffic cone orange shirt for the win!]

The race was just a couple miles away, so the drive was nice and easy. Hubs and I got to the start line about 30 minutes to race start. We took advantage of that time to take more pictures!

[Statue of Liberty Plaza on Alki]

[Oh, Puget Sound, how I love thee]

[Hubs, the Puget Sound and me ]

About 10 minutes before the start of the race, I headed over to find my ideal position… not too fast, not too slow. It was actually really nice… they had three huge flags set up to direct participants to an accurate start position. Green flag for runners, yellow flag for joggers, red flag for walkers. I positioned myself happily in between the green and yellow. Then, I got my game face on.

Garmin on… check!

Timing chip secured… check!

It’s GO time!

The first mile FLEW by… I was REALLY trying not to start too fast. That is a HUGE problem of mine. I was aiming for around 10:20-10:30 for the first mile in order to get my PR.

Mile 1: 10:04 – Ya, so much for that whole going slow thing.

As we started approaching the half way turn around, I was starting to get really thirsty. I was expecting to see the water stop any minute, so I didn’t let my thirst affect my pace. The turn around came and went… no water station. What the heck?! This girl desperately needs her water when she runs.

Mile 2: 10:05 – Great pace still… looks like my PR is in the bag! Still no water station.

At this point, I knew I only had a mile left and that there should be water at the end, so I gave it everything I had.

Mile 3: 10:12 – ALMOST THEREEEE!!!

.1: 9:07 pace

Official total: 31:16

A HUGE PR!!! Heck ya! I will take it!

I really enjoyed this race. Maybe it was because it was my first race in Seattle, or maybe it was because it was my first 5K in quite a while…. but it was really fun. The ONLY thing that I would suggest for them next year is to have a water station. Or, if they choose not to have a water station, make sure that is WELL known on their website. I would have gladly brought my own if I would have known. Overall, it was a great race, in a great location. I absolutely would do this one again.

Here is to breaking the 10 min pace next time,



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