The Skinny on My Fat

This whole move to Seattle has not been nice on my waistline. Before we moved, we decided that we needed to eat at all of our favorite restaurants before we left. I’ll give you a hint, that did not include fruits and veggies.

Instead, we indulged on many many helpings of In N Out:


Wayyy too many servings of Mona Lisa Pizza:


Oh and we can’t forget the Mexican food!! I ate my weight in California burritos:


And then there is Tio Leos. We probably ate there 5 times in our last two weeks in San Diego.


Thanks to all of these indulgences, not nearly enough exercise and way too many margaritas (wait, is that an oxymoron?) I have gained back a whopping 10 pounds! Needless to say, my running has suffered with the extra weight. The longer distances feel harder, speed feels harder, and I feel out of breath faster.

Being a week away from the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, I should be in tip top shape. However, I am finding it ridiculously difficult to drop this weight. Since I am currently not working, the snacks are there all day long calling out my name.

It would be rude not to respond!!

Yes, I am running more now than I was while I was working, but it really isn’t enough. The worst part is that my motivation is minimal. Every once in a while I get a burst of motivation, but 5 minutes later I snap back to reality and realize that the bag of candy sounds wayy better than a salad.

Ok, so here is the deal. Hubs turns 25 this year!! It’s a big one! In order to celebrate, we are planning on going to Vegasssss!

That gives me a little less than 2 months to get this bod bikini ready!! Gahhh bikini… Scary thought. Maybe I should take advice from Bob.


Ok, time to get serious. I am going to drop this extra weight and tone my abs again. Oh and F you muffin top, we are no longer friends.


Gotta go get my run on.

Happy LONG weekend everyone!!



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4 responses to “The Skinny on My Fat

  1. Strength train, girl. You should add that to your running cuz running alone won’t get you in awesome shape. Take it from your fellow 10lb heavier blog buddy. šŸ™‚ I’m trying to lose 10lbs by July 13 so maybe we can encourage each other!

    • Let’s do it girl! I am definitely a fan on strength training… I think more so than running (must be the old gymnast in me). We can totally drop these dang lbs together!!

      • I used to ONLY love running, but I’m bigger on strength training than running now too! It makes me feel sooo much stronger. So I wanna keep it up as much as possible even though I’m starting marathon training. Did you take before pics? I did. Not pretty. I SO don’t wanna post them. ugh.

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