Trashy TV Tuesday

Todays workout: 1.12 miles /11:57/10:40 pace – It was POURING rain so I cut this run short. It felt good to get my legs going though.


Oh, Secret Life of the American Teenager… I am slightly ashamed to admit that you are my guilty pleasure.

Secret life of the american teenager

You are so awful that it constantly keeps me intrigued. You absolutely win the world record for most usage of the word “Sex” in a single episode.

Often, you make me feel awkward and embarrassed, but week after week I find myself watching you. What the heck is wrong with me?!

So, of course I could hardly contain my excitement when I found out that this weeks episode was 2 HOURS long. There goes two hours of my life that I will never be able to get back again.

Honestly, not much happened. Adrian and Ben got married (yes, they are still in high school). Not gonna lie, their wedding was very lack luster. I think it lasted a whole 30 seconds of the show. Kinda disappointing.

Secret life ben and adrian wedding

Ricky and Amy talked about having sex and their friends having sex all while they don’t have sex. Yes, I just pulled a secret life and said ‘sex’ three times in one sentence.

secret life ricky and amy

Next week’s episode looks carazayyyyy! Then again, they always make the sneak peeks look really good. Nothing they elude to ever happens in the actual show. It should be interesting. Goodness, I am pathetic.

What trashy tv shows are you obsessed with? Please tell me I am not the only adult that gets sucked into the secret life! haha



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2 responses to “Trashy TV Tuesday

  1. I don’t watch any of those reality shows. But I do watch way too much TV and about 15 shows regularly, so I waste plenty of time on TV..don’t you worry! 🙂

    By the way, I’m so happy you switched to WordPress. I hope you’re using Windows Live Writer to blog, cuz it’s the bomb diggity.

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