Goodbye May, Hello June!

May was a great month. I had about 5 bajillion job interviews, ran my heart out, set a new 5K PR, spent all my hubs hard earned money and got sunburned in Seattle while drinking way too much alcohol!!




Yes, that is a successful month indeed.

Not gonna lie, I am REALLY looking forward to June though.

I am two days away from taking off on a big steel bird in the sky to San Diego!


Then I am going to run my second half marathon ever!! Once again, I am totally unprepared for it, but SUPER excited none the less.


With over 30,000 people running this race, I am pretty much guaranteed not to come in last place! Hallelujah!

June will also include my very first blogger meet up in Seattle right before the RnR Seattle! I am so excited to be able to meet people. It sure is a lot harder to meet people when you are an adult… No matter how outgoing you are!

I also find out if I got a job that I really want. I really feel like it would be a great position for me… So, if you are religious, keep me in your prayers. If not, keep me in your thoughts! This could be a HUGE month!

If you want to find out how I do in my half marathon before I get around to posting about it, follow me on twitter! @SkippingInSEA

Word of warning… I know nothing about twitter, but I am learning!

Happy June,



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5 responses to “Goodbye May, Hello June!

  1. sam

    Yay! I know nothing about twitter too!! Lol good luck wit the race and prayers for your new job!!

  2. sam

    Ps how’d you make your blog header? ? Super cute!

    • Thanks girlie!!! I used gimp to place the pictures next to each other (gimp is kinda like a free photoshop… you could use paint or photoshop to do the same thing) and then used a theme for my blog that allowed me to upload a picture for my header 🙂

  3. Darlene Cardillo

    I can say from personal experience, there’s only ONE first half. Good luck on your second!!! When is your third?

    • Thanks Darlene! It really is such an amazing feeling crossing the finish line of your first half marathon. Such a cool experience. I am thinking about doing the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Seattle on July 17. It is about 6 weeks after the RnR so I think that will give me a little time to recover but still be close to half mary shape. Plus, they hand out champagne and chocolate at the end!! haha When is your next one?!

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