RnR San Diego Race Recap: The Expo and then some

This was the first race that I have been to that had a HUGE expo. My very first 5K was probably the closest to this, but most of them are usually just picking up bibs at the local Road Runner Sports. But not the RnR… this was on a league of its own.

I have heard that if you have been to one RnR expo, that you have been to them all, but with this being my first one I was so excited. My parents wanted to come along too, so it made it even more fun! It ended up being hubs, my parents, his parents, his sister, and a family friend… everyone except for hubs and my parents were running!

Rock N Roll San Diego Expo

[In front of the expo]

RnR San Diego Expo

[Walking the red carpet]

RnR San Diego Expo

[The girls ❤ them!]

RnR San Diego Expo

[My parents and me right before entering the expo]

The line was pretty short to pick up my bib, which was nice considering how many people were there. I picked it up and headed to the corral change booth. I was in an appropriate corral for my expected finish time, but I wanted to run the first part of the race with my mother in law and her friend (they were running the full marathon) and they wanted to go in an earlier corral. It actually worked out perfectly because it seemed like all the people in the faster corral were actually going the pace I wanted to go.

After changing the corral, I went and picked up my t-shirt and swag bag (10 cool point to the RnR for actually calling it a swag bag). THEN, it was time to shop!

I really wanted a shirt or sweatshirt to commemorate my first RnR. I am a sucker for mementos like that. After lots of shopping, I ended up getting a royal blue T-shirt that says Rock San Diego on it, a navy blue zip up sweatshirt, and OF COURSE a shot glass! 🙂 I was definitely a happy camper.

RnR San Diego Expo

After being camera whores in our new shirts, we decided to head over to the vendor area. I was kinda over it at this point, mostly because I was STARVING so I only grabbed a few free samples. It was so much fun though. I am so glad that we were all able to go to the expo together. It definitely got us pumped up.

After the expo, we headed to In-N-Out for burgers. Sweet Jesus I miss In-N-Out. There is no other place like it.

in n out

Then, we headed over to my parents house where most of my family came over to see us. It was awesome being able to see everyone even though we were only there for such a short amount of time.

After that, we headed to the BEST Italian food in San Diego… Mona Lisa Pizza. It was a 45 minute wait which was kind of brutal, but it was SO worth it. I carbo-loaded on garlic bread, spaghetti and one slice of pizza. I didn’t want to have too much cheese and risk having that upset my stomach on race day. It was so hard to limit myself to the one slice. There is no other pizza like it. MMMM.

After we were done eating, we headed back to hubs parent’s house to hit the sack. After all, we had an EARLY wake up call to look forward to!


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4 responses to “RnR San Diego Race Recap: The Expo and then some

  1. Isn’t Mona Lisa awesome!!!! Good eats! And In N Out…great minds think alike!!!!

    • OMG YES! Mona Lisa is our favorite!!! I seriously miss their pizza! And there was no way I was flying to San Diego and NOT get In-N-Out. How the heck do they make simple burgers so good?!?

  2. How many patties are IN that burger? LOL I’ve been to in and out once. It was good, but I think they were too thick for me. Maybe I need to try it again since that was years ago. 🙂

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