RnR San Diego Race Recap: The Race

The morning started out at 3:15 am. I was wide awake and so excited to get to the race regardless of barely being able to sleep the night before. I was pumped up and feelin good as I got in my race outfit.


I ate a Cliff Bar, drank a glass of water, and was out the door by 4 am. My father in law, mother in law, sister in law and me headed over to a family friends house to pick her up and get the show on the road. Her dad dropped us off at almost the race start a little before 5. That gave us plenty of time to use the port-o-johns, be camera whores, and get into our corrals.


I was absolutely amazed with the turnout. There were over 32,000 people that participated in this race. It was unbelievable.

Luckily, even though there were a gazillion people, we were able to find my fabulous sister who was also running her second ever half marathon.


Then we took even more pictures.

[Sister in law K and me!!]

[My niece who looks like she could be my adorable baby!]

[The whole gang!]

We then headed over to corral 21 (I was originally supposed to be in 34) and waited for our wave to start.

Before I knew it, they were counting us down and we were on our way. For the first 3.6 miles or so, I was able to run with my mother in law and family friend. It was AWESOME. I helped pace them to a slow start to their marathon. They REALLY didn’t want to start out too fast this year.

The miles just flew by! It was gorgeous scenery, amazing company, and fabulous entertainment. We were doing about 11:15 pace and feeling fabulous. Just before mile 4 we said our goodbyes and I headed my separate way.

I was so excited because we were headed to the 163 freeway! Yes, we actually got to run on the real freeway. I was SO excited…

… Then I snapped out of it and realized running on the freeway really sucks. It was uphill and on a slanted road. The slant was so incredibly brutal on my body. My ankle and knee started hurting which is weird cuz they NEVER hurt!

I finally got to the downhill section of the 163 and it was amazing!!! I felt like I was flying! My body was loving it!

At about mile 7, we made our way to Friars road. I was still in this race mentally and physically at this point, but unfortunately that wouldn’t last long. Although the crowd support was amazing on Friars road, the heat wasn’t. It was an extremely longgg stretch of road with zero shade and no end in sight. I was still fighting though.

The most amazing person ever on Friars was the lady handing out ice!! I ran over to her, told her she was amazing and then put the ice down my shirt. Although I’m sure it was awkward, it was a glorious moment. I was totally revitalized.


Then came the mile 10/11 out and back. Holy bat balls this part was so tough mentally AND physically. My body was DONE at this point. It really did not help seeing all of those people about a mile ahead of me. I wanted so badly to be where they were, but noooo I had to keep running to the end of the road. So rough. This is when I started doing a lot of walking.

I had hardly walked at all up to this point, but I guess my body just wasn’t properly prepared for these kinds of conditions. I still kept chugging along as best as I could. Then, I saw mile 12.

Oh, how I love you mile 12. The end was near. I could almost see the finish line. I ran much more in this mile than miles 10 and 11. Once I entered the finishing arena, I gave it my all. I did not stop once. AND I knew that I had a PR under my belt.

Just as I was about to approach the last turn, I saw my family cheering me on! That gave me even more of a boost! I sprinted my way to the finish.

2:45:13 is my official time. A 5 minute PR!!!!

I felt amazing. I was so happy. Even though the last 3 miles were so rough and took me incredibly too long, I gave it my all and I finished my 2nd ever half marathon!

I was reunited with my hubs and he had a beautiful rose for me. Yeah, he is a keeper.


There are so many things I know I can do to improve my time, so I am really looking forward to the next one. Yes folks, there will be a next time.

Hi, my name is Stacie and I am addicted to 13.1.



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7 responses to “RnR San Diego Race Recap: The Race

  1. Congrats on the PR! You did awesome! Plus, this one had way less hills than the Carlsbad half it sounds like. I was really tired of racing, but your recap makes me want to race another one now. But I have to wait till Sept. Booo.

  2. Congratulations on your 5 minute PR! That’s awesome! It sounded really hot for your run…that’s the one thing I like about racing in Canada…it never gets that warm!

  3. Ah I’m so happy to see pictures of the course!! I can totally relate, miles 10-11 were SO hard! I hated running past the 11 marker and knowing that we still had another .5 mile to actually hit 11.

    I was shocked when you said you were excited about the freeway.. But then I realized you changed your mind. My ankle totally blew up from the angle!

    But oh my gosh, the last mile was amazing, I loved it! Congrats on the PR!

    • It is so funny… it seems like everyone I talk to feels the exact same way! 10-11 were mentally brutal and the 163 just plain hurt!

      I am sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope it is doing better now.

      It was definitely not the course I was expecting it to be, but man it was SO much fun!

  4. Great job on your half. Mile 11 and 12 were the most difficult for me when I ran my first one. They just dragggggggged by!

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