Oh the damage I can do

I have no idea what hubs was thinking when he told me to go get new outfits for work. Bless his sweet sweet heart. It’s not his fault his wife is a lean (or not) mean shopping machine.

To be honest, I think I might do some more damage today too… Shhh. It’s our little secret. 😉

My first stop was Nordstrom Rack. Goodness I love that place. I always find shirts that I bought for full price from Nordstrom there. That part is not so fabulous, but getting an amazing deal is.

[Pencil skirt. Normally $118 for $29]

[Big Star jeans. Normally $108 for $50 and top from the “I’m a big girl now” department. Normally $60 for $29]

[Most comfy shoes ever for $29. I don’t know how much they normally are for. ]

[Viva la juicy perfume. Normally $49 for $35]

Then I made my way to Forever 21. Oh dear that place is such a brilliant mix of awful and horrible clothing.

[Top for $22.80 and necklace for $5.80]

I also got another necklace for $3.80 that was too hard to take a picture of. Oh and I got a purple cami for $2.50.

Then I went to Target. Can you say shoes?!

[Black pumps that I have had my eyes on for way too long. $29.99]

[The most comfortable wedges EVER. Seriously heaven on your feet. $29.99. Pretty cheap for heaven.]

Last but not least, I made a trip to Marshalls.

[Spaghetti strap top $12.99]

[Tank top $12.99]

[Tan-ish Brown-ish sweater $19.99]

Now for the big question… Where can I enhance my wardrobe today?!

Happy Friday everyone. Hubs and I have a fun celebration filled weekend ahead of us. I hope you all have a fun one too!

Where is your go to store to find great deals?



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6 responses to “Oh the damage I can do

  1. Adorable clothes! I almost bought those wedges at Target and left since I wanted to make sure I still wanted them. Now, you have a pic of them? Thanks. Guess the answer is YES I want them now. You just made me spend money. This is your fault.

    Also, does that perfume fall under “work clothes?” Hee!

    • You seriously HAVE to go get them. I have never worn wedges that are so comfortable before. I will take the fall for it! It is worth it knowing your feet will be happy and stylish 😉

      And YES, perfume definitely falls under “work clothes”… did I forget to send you that memo? It’s all the rage. haha

  2. I love all of that!!! Viva La Juicy smells soooo good!

  3. Love all of the clothes! Especially the brown wedges from Target. I need some pronto! Too bad I live in Canada without a Target 😦

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