I just went out for a run… Well, I attempted to go out for a run. I got about 3/4 of a mile into it and had to stop. My knee crapped out on me.


I have never had knee issues at all. Then, at the half marathon my knee started bothering me when we had to run on a biyatch of a slant on the 163 freeway.


I have taken it really easy since the race to let my body recover. I guess I will be cross training today. If I can’t work on my endurance, then I will have to settle for 6 pack abs and bad ass biceps. Darn. Such a sacrifice.


Do I look like her yet? No?



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2 responses to “Crap

  1. sam

    Your too funny!! Sorry about the knee!?! Are you gonna get it checked out?

    • I probably won’t get it checked out unless it continues to bother me. I figured I would try out the ol RICE method first and see how that goes. I’m awful because I typically try to avoid going to the doctor at all costs. Haha

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