Happy Fasha’s Day

It is so weird being 1,000 miles away from family on days like today. Normally, we would be getting the whole gang together for some kind of meal which is most likely followed by swimming and laying out.


At least I know my dad is going to be having a lot of fun today. My sister and I chipped in and bought his green fee so that he could go golfing with my brother in law. I know they will have a fun time.


My dad is amazing. He is single handedly responsible for my love of sports, my geeky techy side, my taste in music, and my crude sense of humor. Yep, I am pretty much the boy he never got. Can you blame him for wanting to share those things with me when he is surrounded by 5 girls and a wife?! Bless his heart.


My dad is probably the funniest guy I know. He LOVES talking to people. When he gets together with my hubs, they are inseparable. They go on and on for hours about anything and everything. I love it. There is FINALLY another guy around that gets him!! 🙂


Happy Fasha’s Day, Fash!! I love you soooo much. Thank you for being quirky, lovable, supportive you.


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