Case of the Mondays

Wow, this weekend flew by. I almost forgot how much I usually depend on the weekend to get stuff done. I must sound like such a wimp to those of you who have been working full time, exercising/training, taking care of families, etc. It is a LOT of work! I definitely got too used to having all the time I wanted during the day to get stuff done. It is nice to be back into a routine, though. It makes me appreciate those moments on the weekend when I can just relax on the couch.

Friday night, hubs and I ordered pizza to be delivered to our house after work. MMMM greasy cheesy pizza. What diet? We had a relaxing night in after such a long week. We watched 500 Days of Summer.


Goodness that is such a great movie. PENISSSSSSSS! It is so clever and not your typical love story. I definitely recommend it to those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

Saturday we were lazy.

lazy day

And it was fabulous. I don’t think we even got dressed for the day until about 4pm or so. I loved every minute of it. I caught up on The Bachelorette, ANTM marathons, and movies that were on Encore.

I also researched treadmills until my brain was going to explode from stress. I hate decision making especially when it comes to buying expensive things. It stresses me out like no other. I REALLY want to just decide on a treadmill so we can just buy it and I can run, but it is so much pressure. I think I am going to have hubs decide on one for me! 😀

Sunday morning, Hubs and I went to brunch at a place called Circa in West Seattle. It is a great little restaurant that never disappoints.


I ordered a mimosa and Hawaiian French Toast. Ohhhh buddy it was DELISH! I ate the whole entire thing and I didn’t even feel guilty about it.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning house and doing chores so that our place looks half way decent during the week. It is amazing how two days at home turns the place into a pig sty.

What day(s) do you normally do your chores?

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.



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One response to “Case of the Mondays

  1. LOL to the “I’m a fattie” tag.

    I do chores all week long BUT my big day is Sunday. This weekend, I was so freakin’ lazy I didn’t do much of what I wanted to do. I did get the dishes done. And one load of laundry. So, at least I’m wearing clean underwear.

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