Damn :(

So last night at the bloggy meetup (don’t worry I will have a post alll about it!) a fabulous fellow runner graciously offered me her bib for the race because she found herself injured and unable to run.

All kinds of excitement overcame me. I should have been physically ready for it since I did the RnR SD just a couple weeks ago, but the planner in me had such a hard time committing to it so last minute. She told me just to take it and if I didn’t end up running that it’s no problem because she didn’t know anyone else that would run.

On my ride home, I had made up my mind… I was doing it! Ahhhh!

I got home and started trying to figure out a game plan. Where is the start? Where is the finish? How am I getting there? How am I getting home? What am I wearing?

Then, it all came tumbling down. 😦

I found out hubs wouldn’t be able to take me because he had to be somewhere really early this morning and needed to take my car. This may sound silly, but I’m totally serious when I say I don’t know how to drive his car. It’s fast and scary and kind of a stick shift. I really didn’t feel comfortable taking a cab by myself. The local running store bus was already full. Cousin D was super sick, so i didnt feel right asking her to take me. I don’t know anyone else (one of the big bummers about JUST moving here). I was stuck.

I know that if I had more than an hour to plan it out before I needed to go to bed that I could have figured SOMETHING out. I would have been able to make it work. But I couldn’t. I was getting more and more stressed out about it by the minute. It was hard for me to admit that something I had decided on whole heartedly was not going to happen. It sucked.

So, I did not get to run #3 this morning. And I am still really bummed about it. There is a good chance I will never get an opportunity to run an RnR for free like that again. Serious bummer.

I just want to thank the amazing girl who offered me her bib. Thank you so much, J, for giving me that opportunity. I’m really really sorry I couldn’t make it happen. Hopefully our paths cross again in the future. Good luck on a speedy recovery.

I hope everyone is tearin it up out there right now! I’ve been thinking about all of you all morning!



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6 responses to “Damn :(

  1. Awwww, sorry to hear you weren’t there 😦

  2. Awww. I’ve pretty much taken every form of transportation in Seattle including the underground bus. My friend MADE me an expert. I totally would have cabbed it. Now if only I was in Seattle I could have grabbed that bib! 🙂

    Sorry you didn’t get to run. Sometimes the stars don’t align at the last minute even though you really want them to.

  3. Bummer! But it was pretty great meeting you! Are you doing See Jane Run in July?

    • Yeah!! I am definitely planning on running See Jane Run! I can’t say no to chocolate and champagne. I haven’t decided on 5k or half Mary yet, I’m a little behind on training haha Are you running?!

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