Just call me Martha

Saturday night, a big group of us gathered together to play a poker tournament over at cousie D’s friends house. There were about 15 of us! It was a great turnout.

I wanted to bring something fun to share with everyone, so I began scouring the interwebs. That’s when I stumbled upon a Malibu Rum Cupcake recipe!

Holy Yum!


I followed the recipe almost exactly, except I left out the actual coconut. Me no likey!


I will definitely be adding these to my ‘Must Make Again’ list.


We also brought a bottle of rum to go with them! It was DELISH!

A few rounds of poker later, I lost all my money, was feelin prettyyyy goood, and rocked out in RockBand. All in all, a very successful night.

Now go makes those cupcakes. You’re welcome.



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4 responses to “Just call me Martha

  1. What did you use to get the frosting so swirly? Those look YUMtastic. New word! Just for you.

    • I actually just used a ziploc bag as a piping bag. I cut a hole in one of the bottom corners. The bigger the hole, the thicker the frosting comes out. Then put the frosting in the bag. Warm the frosting up just slightly by putting your hands on the outside of the bag. That trick helped a lot! Squeeze and watch yourself become Martha!! 🙂

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