Plank you very much

Betty and I got our run on last night. Ooh baby it hurt so good. Can’t you tell by my jank face?


Sexy, huh!

I got a solid interval run in… 3.25 miles in 34 minutes for a 10:28 pace.

After getting my run on, I did some strength work.

2×60(!!!) sec planks
2×2 min side to sides (feelin these today!!)
2×2 min squatted punch thingys (anyone know what I’m talking about?!)
2×30 sec static crunch


I don’t know how much you follow the twitter world. If you don’t you should… And then follow me @SkippingInSEA!

Anyways, there is a thing going on right now called Plank A Day. They are challenging everyone to get their cores strong by (obviously) doing a plank every day.


I am a huge fan of getting a small form of exercise in on even my rest days. If that means I only get 2 minutes of ab work in, that gets me 2 minutes closer to my flat toned tummy.

I am all for this whole plank a day thing. It takes hardly any time at all, but is seriously good for your core. Us runners NEED a tight core!

Are there any exercises that you do every single day?

And just because you didn’t get enough pictures of me today…


You’re welcome.

P.S. I swear I don’t wear eyeliner thicker than a raccoon. It’s the photo filter. Sexy, I know.



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4 responses to “Plank you very much

  1. sam

    Plank a day sounds good!!! What are the side to sides and punch squat things?

  2. Jank… That word soooo cracks me up!

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