Adorable Blog Award

The fabulous Sam at Losing My Weight, Gaining My Life has given me the Adorable Blog Award.

adorable blog award

This girl is seriously amazing. She has lost SOOO much weight and is THIS close to being down to ONEderland! AND she is starting to run! She did her very first 5k walk/run and it has motivated her to do more! Keep up the hard work girlie! You are such an inspiration!

With the Adorable Blog Award, I am supposed to write 10 things about myself… here goes nothing!

  1. I was a competitive gymnast for about 10 years and a competitive cheerleader for about 5 years. Being heavily involved in sports growing up gave me a pretty solid foundation to work with when it came to losing weight and getting back into shape. Muscle memory is amazing. gymnast of the month
  2. I was offered a full ride scholarship for cheerleading. Might sounds like a joke to some of you, but the kind of cheerleading I did was seriously awesome. Unfortunately, I had to turn down the scholarship because of my back. My body just couldn’t handle the stress of the sport anymore. england mavericks
  3. Speaking of my back, I have scoliosis. My spine looks like the letter “S.” It is very fitting since my name is Stacie. My spine just wanted to brand my body.
  4. I have 13 nieces and nephews and I am about to be a great aunt! Yes, that makes me 80 years old… but I make 80 look gooooood. family love
  5. My in-laws tried to get me to run with them for YEARS before I finally caved. They are all marathoners and I was always SO intimidated by the distance (still am by 26.2). Finally, my weight crept up and I needed to do SOMETHING to lose it, so I turned to running. I haven’t looked back since.
  6. I ran my very first race step for step with my mother in law. I seriously got lucky with her. She is amazing. She is so incredibly motivating and supportive. I can definitely see why my husby turned out the way he did. He had such an amazing family behind him. AFC 5K
  7. I might have met my first legit friend in Seattle. I have been lucky enough to have an amazing Cousin-in-law take me in and introduce me to all of her friends. They are all such fabulous girls and I truly feel like I have become part of their group. But let’s face it, it is not the same as meeting someone all on your own. A girl at work asked if I wanted to get lunch sometime, so last week we got lunch and had a great time talking and getting to know each other. She is such a sweetheart. I can really see a friendship evolving with her. YaYYYY for new friends.
  8. Gosh this is getting hard… I have been friends with one of my best friends since Kindergarten. I call her my KS (Kindergarten soulmate). I feel so lucky that I was able to meet a lifelong friend that long ago. She JUST told me today that she is going to come visit me here is Seattle!!!! Next month, we will be reunited! KS
  9. My sister, S, and I absolutely HATED each other growing up. She used to cry to our gymnastics coach about how much she hated me. She was mean to me, so I did things to get her in trouble on purpose… ya know, typical sister stuff. Then, when I was in junior high, she became my gymnastics coach. My mom was terrified about how I would handle myself. Honestly, it was the best thing ever for our relationship. I respected her SO much as a coach, and she really had my best interest at heart. She then went on to become my cheer coach and one of my best friends. We are still super close today even though we are 1,000 miles apart. sisters
  10. Last but not least, I grew up ALWAYS wanting to be a high school algebra teacher. Then my parents gave me the ‘money’ talk and I realized that that career would not get me where I wanted to be stability wise. I randomly picked my major in college and actually loved it! I graduated with a degree in computer science. No, that does not mean I know how to fix your computer. That is a common assumption that is extremely false. I know how to use a computer and use it well, but I am FAR from an IT person. I am one of 3 blonde hair blue eyed white girl software engineers in the world.

Wow, that was way more difficult than I thought it would be! Anyways, that is just a little insight into the world that is Stacie.

Now it is my turn to nominate fellow bloggers. One blogger that I will nominate is Paula at Eat, Watch, Run. Not only is this girl HILARIOUS, but she has been such an inspiration and help to me running. She is currently training for her very first marathon! Go tell her how amazing she is! And if you want to be her BFF, then buy her some cupcakes with Peeps on top!

I also want to nominate Kerrie at Mom vs. Marathon. I recently had the privilege of meeting Kerrie at a blogger meetup before the Rock n Roll Seattle. She is such a sweetheart in real life. She just ran (and DOMINATED) her very first marathon. Her RnR Seattle race recap literally made me choke up. I felt like I was the one running!

Thanks for being fabulous, ladies! 🙂




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2 responses to “Adorable Blog Award

  1. sam

    Aww thanks girlfriend!!!! You inspire me to continue running and now throw in the towel! Lol ❤

  2. That is true, that IS how you become my BFF! 🙂 Thanks for the nomination! Man, 10 things is a lot to think of. I’m sure I could talk about poop for at least 5 of them, though.
    And check you out in the split! My legs wouldn’t do that if my life depended on it.

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