Baby we can work it out

I recently promised a post explaining some of the basic exercises that I SWEAR by. Some of these I have been doing since I was 4 years old in gymnastics. Others are newer. All are seriously effective.

*Note: I am not a personal trainer. I do not have a degree in ANYTHING that will help you get in shape. I have grown up living an active lifestyle, so these are just my favs based on experience. AKA, don’t sue me if they don’t make you look like Marisa.

1. Side to sides

These are amazing. My favorite part is that you hardly feel them at all when you are doing them. Then, the next day your love handles will seriously be sore. They look similar to this, except I do them on my knees:side to sides

You do not need weights to do these, but you can use them if you want to make them more difficult. When you are on your knees, lean your body side to side while reaching your corresponding arm out. For best results, you do not want to keep your arms directly at your sides the whole time. I usually keep mine about a foot or so away from my body and try to touch my finger tips to the floor. Do 200 of these, and say goodbye to your love handles FOREVER.

2. Squat Punch

I have no idea what these are actually called, but they rock. To do this, you want to get into a deep squat (Beginners can squat a little less until you build up those leg muscles!) with your legs about shoulder width (or a little wider) apart. Alternate punching across your body. Your torso will be twisting while you do this. It looks similar to this, except I like to twist and punch across my body:

squat punch

You can do these for time (2 minute reps will have you feelin it for sure) or for a punch count. Whatever you prefer!

3. Flutter kicks

These are absolutely fabulous for the back of your legs under your booty area (AKA my serious trouble zone). You lay flat on your stomach with your arms either above your head or under your chin. You kick your legs up and down like you are swimming in a pool. You want to keep your legs straight and try to get your quads off the ground as much as possible.

flutter kicks

Once again, you can do these for time, or you can count your kicks. Kicks can be hard to count since you kick at a rapid pace. Also, you can flip yourself over and put your hands under your booty and work your quads and abs while flutter kicking on your back.

4. Static crunch

I do not do this exercise enough. This exercise is solely responsible for getting me my six pack back when I was losing weight. I did this exercise religiously. I really need to start doing it again. My abs miss it. This is how you do it:

While holding the static crunch you can also twist your body side to side to work ALL kinds of muscle groups. I usually hold the crunch for 30-60 seconds and do 2-3 reps of this. It does not take long and it is SERIOUSLY effective!

Well, that is it for now. I will have to add onto this list in the future. There are tons of great simple exercises that you can do in the comfort of your living room. There are NO excuses to NOT get your body moving! ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your favorite exercises that did not make the list?



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3 responses to “Baby we can work it out

  1. sam

    Thanks for sharing!!! I totally needed the visual! I need to try allof those like tonight! Planks are good too and you can add lots of variations!

  2. sipsandsteps

    New here.. (found your through Sam!) and love your blog! Quick question for you on your header. How did you set it up? I want to do something familiar but cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it.

    • I’m glad you found me! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just used a wordpress theme that allows custom headers. There are a bunch to choose from! Then I created my header using gimp. You could use paint or photoshop too! I just made sure I made my picture the right size that is specified in the theme! I hope that helps! If you need help, feel free to email me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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