See Jane Run 5k

I got an entire 6 hours of sleep on Saturday night. That is more than I have ever gotten before on a race night. I woke up feeling fabulous and ready to go.

I ate a peanut butter chocolate Luna bar for breakfast. OMG where have I been?! These things are delish!!

The race started at 8:30 and was about 20 minutes away, so we left our house at 6:45 to get there in plenty of time. Turns out, it was A LOT closer than I thought. We could have left at 7:45 and got there in PLENTY of time. Oh well. It gave us an opportunity to walk around and take pictures!


The view from Gas Works Park of downtown Seattle. Gorg.


My supporting amazing hubs.


The deliciousness that would be waiting for me at the end!

Time flies when you are being a camera whore cuz before I knew it, it was time to runnn.

At the last minute, I decided NOT to tape my shins. Whether that was a good or bad decision, I’m not sure… But I survived!!

I knew going into this race that I was not in PR shape. I knew I was just running it for fun. It helped take a lot of pressure off.

The first mile FLEW by. There was quite a bit of weaving and winding around people in order to find a comfortable place to get in my groove. I started out a little too fast. I ran my first mile in the 9 min’s in a race. Ok, it was 9:59, but STILL!

Mile 1: 9:59

There were TWO water stops before we even hit the turn around! It was a race made for me! I loveee my water. They had FRS at all the water stops too which was awesome.

The path we ran along was really pretty. We were by the water most of the time.

Mike 2 was a much better pace (but still a little fast for the shape I am in).

Mile 2: 10:07

We ran by two more water stops on the way back. That is FOUR in a 5k! Amazing!!

With about half a mile to go, we ran by some spectators that were telling us we only had .25 miles left. I wanted to yell “Liar” just because my starting out too fast was catching up to me at this point. I had to slow down a lot mile 3. No walking, just slower running.

Mile 3: 10:31 (yikes)

Right about this point, I saw a girl that had already finished walking towards us. She had a medal on her neck. This gave me a HUGE burst of energy. I had NO idea that we were getting race bling!!!


Hubs caught me coming into the finish line!

.14 1:24

Final time: 32:01

Not a PR but close! I will take it. That was way faster than I was expecting.

My shins only bothered me a little bit at the beginning. They killed later that day, but during the race I was pretty good to go. Thank goodness!

I got my medal and made a beeline for the champagne!


They gave us the CUTEST champagne glasses!! They had chocolate and other goodies too! 🙂


The all important race bling…


Seriously adorbs. The champagne was delish too. I devoured it in no time.

Overall, this race was awesome. There are a few things they could do differently. Like having more porta johns. They lines were CRAZY. Good thing I didn’t have to go!! I have a feeling they will be fixing that issue next year!

Fantastic perks to this race. All kinds of goodies even though I only ran the 5k. I will absolutely be running this race series again.




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6 responses to “See Jane Run 5k

  1. Love that last picture. I heart Seattle.

  2. Oh, and nice job on the race too. You were fast!

  3. sam

    So excited for you!! You did a fabulous job! Congrats

  4. Awesome run! There were a lot of Seattle bloggers at that race. And I agree, that is some great bling and booty!!

  5. Looks like a fun race! Especially because you got a medal …and a sweet one at that! They never give out medals here in lame-o Canada 😦 Well only for larger 10k, half and full’s

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