Surprise Ending

I had quite the surprise ending to my weekend.

On the way to the race, we hit a huge pothole. The roads seriously needs some TLC in SEA-Town. Upon inspection from my hubs, it looked like we were going to need new tires. It was about time to get them anyways. The pothole just hurried the process along.

On the way home from the race, hubs said that we should go to the car dealership to look at new cars. We had been wanting to get me a new car for a long time and I knew exactly what I wanted. So, instead of dropping a couple grand on tires, we decided to put that towards a down payment.

We called the dealership, they had the car I wanted, so we went down and bought it. Easiest car shopping trip of my life.

Please welcome my new baby into the world.


It’s a 2011 Ford Explorer with all the fixins to be the perfect mama mobile in a couple years. Ahhh I am seriously in love!

You can customize the lights on the inside, so of course I chose pink.


The whole thing is a nerds dream! There are SO many gadgets that I still have to figure out! They have completely revamped the explorer with My Ford Touch on the inside and a whole new body on the outside.


It was sad trading in my other car. It was a beautiful, fast, fun, sporty car. I had many fun times passing people on the freeway while saying ‘Vroom vroom!’ It was definitely time to get back into a bigger car, though. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new toy.




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4 responses to “Surprise Ending

  1. Oh man, I would comparison shop at at least 2 dealerships and get pissy with the salesman until I got the price I wanted. I’m such a MEAN car buyer. It’s not pretty and I hate it. So, I’m glad it was easy for you! And that’s a pretty sweet ride. Make sure to park it away from others. I got 4 dings in my car in the first 2 months and I was livid!

  2. PRETTY! Husband and I traded in our sports car a few months back for a new Jeep Cherokee and I love it love it love it (except for the craptastic gas mileage)

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