Ding Ding Ding…we have a winner!

Note: this is a reenactment of the post that got deleted when my wordpress app crashed on me. Like most reenactments, this won’t be nearly as good, I’m sure.

Last nights workout:
Ran 3.5 miles in 37:29 (10:43 pace)

I taped my shins up nice and good for this run. It definitely made a big difference. It relieved a lot of the sharp pains.


This pictures makes it look like my cankles have cankles.

This was a hard workout. Every .5 miles I stopped running, did a plank, did 10 pushups, did side to sides, and did a static crunch. Holy moly. It was a sweat fest for sure.


You get another AFTER workout sweaty shot. You’re welcome. Yep, I’m a hot mess. Be jealous.


The other day, the engineer in me kicked in and I decided to some research on shin splints to see why I get them so often.

Flat Feet are prone to shin splints. Bio-mechanically, over-pronation is the common cause for medial tibial stress syndrome. It involves excessive inward rolling that causes tibial twisting and overstretching of the lower extremity muscles. Having poor form, such as leaning forward or backward too much, as well as landing on the balls of your feet and running with toes pointing outwards all contribute to the causation of shin splints.”

Well, gee… No wonder I get them…

Flat Feet – Thank you genetics. I have absolutely no arch. Just call me Fred Flintstone.

Excessive inward rolling – To make up for my lack of an arch, my ankles naturally roll in. It feels so incredibly weird to force my ankles not to roll. Thank you, inserts.

Landing on the balls of your feet – I am the COMPLETE opposite of a heel striker. My shoes are ONLY worn out in one place… the ball of my foot.

Running with toes pointing outwards – Thank you years and years of ballet. Thanks to you, I walk, run, and tumble in first position.

It all makes sense now. It looks like some minor adjustments to my form and some good inserts will help.

Just because I always post pics of me sweaty and nasty, I will leave you with this gem.


Now, your day is complete.



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3 responses to “Ding Ding Ding…we have a winner!

  1. sam

    Love the picture crazy girl! Sorry about the shin splints! Now you know what can help relieve sooome of the pain!

  2. amanda

    Stacie loving the blog! keep up the good work! its so fun to read 🙂 PS CEP compression socks will relieve your shin splints! I had horrible ss and was told about these. they are now long gone. Kinda an investment but worth every penny.

    • Aww thanks Amanda! Glad you like it. It’s kinda a work in progress. It’s still molding into what I want it to be. 🙂 I was thinking about getting some compression socks and I know CEP has pink ones, so those just might be the winner. I just bought some compression pants. I can’t wait to try them out and see how they do. Thanks for the advice. See you at San Diego half?

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