Birthday success

Last nights workout:
Ran on Betty for 3 miles in 33:04 (11:01 pace)

Hubs worked out right beside me on our new recumbent bike! I got it for him for his birthday. He has wanted one for a long time. It makes working out so much more fun having a buddy! 🙂


After spending ALL week preparing, Friday finally came and we had a very successful birthday party for Hubba. I got off work a little early and came right home to makes a couple appetizers and finish cleaning up. Before I knew it, everyone was here!


I laid out all the food on our island. It worked out perfectly. It gave everyone easy access to the goods.

Drinks immediately were opened. Wine for the girls and beer for the boys.


Fabulous friend T got hubs the set of beers above for the biggest samples o beer tasting ever. My favorite was the Panty Peeler. We may have to get that one again.

Once it got dark we fired up the chiminea and headed outside.


We roasted the most delicious s’mores ever. Mmmm I want another right now.


More drinks were consumed and we talked the night away. Before we knew it, it was getting really late. So, we sang happy birthday and called it a night.


I definitely drank too much. It all caught up to me all of a sudden after everyone left. So worth it though. It really was a fabulous night. It was the first time we had a party at our house. I definitely don’t think it will be the last.



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5 responses to “Birthday success

  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog. I also live in Seattle! I’m a runner and sometimes blogger. I’m excited to keep reading!

  2. I just noticed your reading list is almost all True Blood. ❤ ❤ I'm still 2 books behind. I need to get on top of that!

    Looks like you guys had fun. I had a too much alcohol night myself. Didn't make running the next day very fun.

  3. sam

    Your house is gorgeous!!! And sounds like it was a huge success!

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