Birthday Success Part 2

Last nights workout:
1 mile on the bike before hubs hopped on to use it. 4 min with resistance at 5
Ran 2 miles in 20:50 (10:25 average).
Plank A Day

Last nights workout made me realize one thing. Running works COMPLETELY different muscles than biking. Damn, that 1 little mile was HARD! Pathetic, I know. I definitely need to ride more often. It worked my quads like alcohol and drugs worked Amy Winehouse. Too soon?


Back to the birthday festivities…

Saturday night, I made reservations at our FAVORITE restaurant… Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse! Let me just say this… not all Ruth’s are created equal. We go to Ruth’s in every vacation spot we travel to that has one. So far, the one in downtown San Diego is THE BEST. Vegas, not so much. The good news is that the one in downtown Seattle is a VERY close second. All it is missing is a view of the water.

I was a bad blogger and did not take any pictures at dinner. Shame on me, I know.

I love how they decorate the table with confetti for birthdays. The only thing that I have seen that is cooler is at Morton’s Steakhouse. They actually printed up menus that said “Happy Birthday Hubs” on it. Well, it didn’t say Hubs, it said his real name but you get the idea. Very nice touch.

After all the alcohol the night before, neither of us could stomach any at Ruth’s. It was kind of sad because their Pear Twist Martini is life changing. Seriously. If you haven’t had one, picture this:
butterflies and rainbows and unicorns

After dinner, we were going to see HP7.2, but decided that we wanted to go home and have an Entourage Season 7 marathon instead. We watched the. WHOLE. THING. I have to agree with the reviews. Season 7 was not nearly as good as EVERY other season of Entourage. It was kind of depressing. I am really hoping that they end on a lighter happier note with Season 8 a.k.a. The end of the show. I will definitely miss the guys when they are gone. Johnny Drama and Ari Gold = fabulous comedic entertainment.

Do you ever watch an entire season of a TV show in one sitting?
Dexter, Entourage, and True Blood. Every Time.


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One response to “Birthday Success Part 2

  1. sam

    Happy birthday hubs! Sounds like a fun date! Love the image of drinking the pear martini and thdn being transported to unicorns and rainbows lol!!

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