Almost Kick A$$ in Aug?!

I had to leave work early to go home today. I had a really bad stomach ache. It started last night and never went away. I still have it right now. Bleh I feel like crap.

I am a firm believer in not working out when you are sick. I feel like all it does is prolong your illness. If you have a minor cough or little sniffles then fine, still work out. But since I felt bad enough to leave work, getting a run in is out of the question for me.

So, K.A.I.A. will just have to be delayed a day. Instead, tonight I will be resting and eating homemade chicken noodle soup. Yummy.

In better news, one of my fav trashy shows came back tonight!

Oh yeah, shores back, yeahhh! In Italy baby!

Goodness I love how freaking absurd they are! It doesn’t look like this season will disappoint either.


Oh AND most of my shopping spree was delivered today!!! Time to start dressing cute!!! 🙂

Ok, time to hit the sack nice and early. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to make it through the work day.

Happy almost Friday!!!



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3 responses to “Almost Kick A$$ in Aug?!

  1. sipsandsteps

    Love Jersey Shore!!! Snookie looks fabulous this season!

  2. sam

    Love it!! Hope your feeling better!

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