K.A.I.A Week 1 Check in

The first week of the K.A.I.A Challenge is going great over here. I was sick a couple of days which put me out of commission for exercising, but I have been eating really well.

K.A.I.A. Week 1 Stats:

  • Ran 2 times for a total of 11.03 miles. I did one 5 mile run and one 6 mile run.
  • Biked 5 glorious miles
  • Did my Plank A Day every day.
  • Lost 2 pounds!

My breakfasts this week have included a nectarine and something like an English muffin or one waffle.


Lunches have been either a 6 inch Turkey sandwich on wheat from Subway or a salad and fruit from a place by my work that has a salad bar.


Dinners are pretty random. I made chicken cordon bleu one night, homemade chicken noodle soup another night (this actually lasted for two meals), and also did a quick and easy Bertolli pasta dinner. I had fresh steamed green beans with the chicken cordon bleu which is always a delicious way to make a meal healthy. Dinners have probably been a little too high in sodium but I have been drinking water like a maniac, so that helps. My chicken noodle soup looks something like this but mine has way more veggies in it! That IS the best part!


Now, I am SO ready for week 2!!

What are you doing to kick ass in August so far?! Tell me about workouts, food, and everything else!



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2 responses to “K.A.I.A Week 1 Check in

  1. sam

    You go girl! Congrats on the 2# down!! Knew you could do it.
    details on the cordeon blue! What recipe dis u use? Sounds amazing

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