Clydesdale?! WTF?!

Not gonna lie… I’m kinda peeved. I was just looking at a potential race and I saw something I have never seen before. A category for women who are 160+ pounds called the Clydesdale division. Clydesdale?! WTF?! So many things wrong with this.


Yes, Clydesdale horses may be absolutely beautiful, but they are still HORSES!!! What are they trying to say? That any woman with a little weight to lose or any woman 5ft 9 inches and taller is as big as an oversized horse?!?! Awesome. Thanks running, for giving women one more thing to be self conscious about.

I did a little more research and apparently weight categories aren’t totally uncommon. There is another category for women between 140-160 pounds called Athena. Ok, now I am really pissed. If they are even saying that 140 is overweight, they are about to get my foot up their ass. Now I just have to figure out who “they” is.

In doing more reading, I found out that some races actually make you hop on a scale to prove your weight. I am already uncomfortable enough stepping on a scale in the comfort of my own home, thanks. I can’t believe how absurd this is.


I don’t know whoever came up with a weight division, but it must have been a man. Only someone with nuts could be so insensitive to women.

Have you ever heard of the Clydesdale division?

Would you be pissed if you had to hop on a scale before a race?

Would you enter a race in the Clydesdale division if it meant you had a better chance at placing in your division?



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4 responses to “Clydesdale?! WTF?!

  1. Interesting. I’ve never knew that existed. If I liked the race enough, I’d weigh for it. As long as they don’t put your weight on your bib, that is. Or that I’m a horse.

  2. I have seen the Athena/Clydesdale weight classifications for women/men respectively. I’ve never seen Clydesdale for women though. My husband and I have found it kinda ridiculous since he is 6’2 and only needs to add on maybe 10 lbs to qualify as a Clydesdale. He is not a big guy. I’m not sure why there is a need for those ‘divisions’. I don’t know if it is supposed to imply since I’ve seen plenty of people who are not zero-fat athletes do great at races and beat lots of the skinny minis.

    • Totally!!! I definitely have some weight to lose, but way bigger people FLY by me in races ALL the time! The race I was looking at had “Clydesdale” for women and “military” for guys 200+ pounds. I can understand trying to motivate people, but they could have at least picked better names! Haha

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