She was a brick house!

Last night, for some crazy reason, I decided to do a brick workout. I had never done one before so I knew I shouldn’t go too crazy with it.


Bike ride: 5.1 miles in 18 minutes.

I really pushed myself on this bike ride. I had the resistance up really high. My quads were on fireee! I realize that with brick workouts you are supposed to make the run the hardest part, but I just didn’t wanna!!

Run: 1 mile in 10:46

Now I know why they call it a brick workout. Holy freaking moly, my legs were soooo heavy on this run. I walked the first minute at 3.5 mph. Super slow, just wanted to shake my legs out. I walked the second minute at 4.0 mph. Then I picked it up and ran. Every minute I upped the speed. I finished running 7.5 mph!!! Woot!

All I can say is that I have no idea how people do Ironman races. I mean… I am decently in shape and thought I was going to die doing that one measly mile after biking. It’s tough! I guess they do it the same way I did my half marathon… Training! And lots of it.

One thing is for sure… This girl will not be doing a triathlon. I can’t swim. Well, I can swim but not real swimming. I am EXCELLENT at the doggie paddle.


I will, however, incorporate more brick workouts into my routine. I definitely felt the burnnn!

Have you ever done a triathlon? If not, would you ever do one?


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One response to “She was a brick house!

  1. Back in the day when I basically only did cardio and no strength training, I would do a spin class and then run on the treadmill for 3 miles. I had no idea that was a brick workout. I wish I would have known that then because I would have told everyone. Sounds so official!
    I think I’d do a biathalon. I’m not big about swimming in open water with tons of people kicking and clawing to get over you.

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