When old is new

Last nights workout:
Non existent.

I came home, washed my car, made dinner, ate, cleaned up from dinner, and went to bed. I was SO exhausted. Feeling much better today so a nice longish run is in my future tonight.


I went shopping in my closet this morning and stumbled upon some excellent finds. It is amazing what you can find hidden in there!! I wanted to wear my new express white collared shirt to work today, but it desperately needs to be spruced up. Let’s face it, a white shirt by itself is BORING!!

So, I decided to dig in my closet for jewelry. I happened to find the perfect matching bracelet and necklace with THE TAGS STILL ON!!

I have had this bracelet and necklace for about 2 years and never wore it! I completely forgot I even had it! Major score!!


Yes, I am listening to music and yes, it is probably Britney spears.


The matching bracelet!! It was so perfect! I love finding new old jewelry.

Is your closet super organized or do you have the potential to find awesome goodies you forgot about?


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One response to “When old is new

  1. sipsandsteps

    Love the necklace and bracelet! My closet is far from organized.. As I’ve been losing weight though I’ve been able to shop in my closet as I have a variety of sizes from throughout the years.. It’s amazing the stuff I’ve accumulated but have never worn~!

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