KS in WA!

In about 5 hours, one of my best friends everrr will be in Seattle!!!! I am so flipping excited! It is my first friend from SD to come and visit. She has never been to Washington before, so we plan on doing lots of fun touristy things.

We have kind of a funny nickname for each other. We call each other KS. It stands for Kindergarten Soulmate. Yep, we have been super close friends since KINDERGARTEN! She is definitely one person I know I can always count on. She is hilarious, sweet, and one heck of a creative person. She gets it from her mama.

[She is on my left!!]

Her mom actually invented Puppy Chow and sent in the recipe to Chex. She won $25 for it or something like that. Now, her recipe is featured on every box of Chex cereal. I’ll tell her thank you for you.

puppy chow inventor

Be ready for all kinds of recaps from this weekend. I see many glasses of wine, good eats, and good times in our future!

What are you doing this weekend?

Have you ever made puppy chow?



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3 responses to “KS in WA!

  1. This is our last weekend in WA so we are spending time running around and getting some last minute things done. We are going to the baseball game tomorrow night to see Boston! I’m excited about that.

  2. What’s all this puppy chow business?! 🙂 I’ve always heard it called muddy buddies. But I love that stuff. It’s way too addictive for me to have in the house.

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