Sometimes we need a break

Sorry for going completely M.I.A last week. I know everyone is busy and that is a poor excuse, so I won’t use it. In all actuality, I needed a break.

give me a break kit kat

I needed a break from blogging, from exercise, from cleaning, from doing anything besides completely relaxing after work. Sometimes we need a mental and physical vacation. We demand so much out of ourselves all the time. At least I know I do. Somehow I expect our house to be in perfect shape, dinner made, exercise done, laundry cleaned, and dishes washed every single day all while working 45+ hours a week plus commute. Every once in a while, somethings gotta give. In my case, I let EVERYTHING go last week.  It was glorious.

Hubs really does SO much to help me out around the house, but he works even longer days than I do. I try my best to make sure he doesn’t have to lift a finger around the house. He still does because he is awesome like that, but trying to make this happen puts a whole lot of extra work on me. Am I crazy with all of this? How do those of you who work full time manage life at home?


For now, I will give you a quick recap of my life lately:

  • As you know, my KS came and visited a week ago. We had a fabulous time and I will definitely be posting pictures of our shenanigans.
  • I have seriously fallen in love with Mad Men. What the heck took me so long to get on this bandwagon? Pete Campbell is amazing in his all his douchey ways.
  • I finally cleaned the whole entire house this weekend. 5 loads of laundry and all!
  • My BIRTHDAY is tomorrow, which means this is my birthday week!!! 🙂
  • Two words… Cake Balls.
  • Girls night featuring Bachelor pad happened last Monday. Ames and his magenta pants stole the show.

ames magenta pants

Ok, that is all for now. I promise Skipping in SEA will be more interesting soon. There is all kinds of fabulous stuff going on over here in the next few weeks!!!


When you feel like you just need a break, do you allow yourself that time?


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