I’m Old!!!

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday!! I’m another year older and (hopefully) another year wiser! 🙂 24 years young baby!

Gosh, that sounds so young! Haha

Hubs has already made this a super special birthday for me! 🙂 It’s my first one celebrating away from family so he wanted to make it a great birthday. I had to go into work extra early (don’t they know it’s my birthday?!?!) so hubs woke up when I did!! He made me a delish cup of coffee and had me open one gift. He got me the cutest watch ever!!


What a nice boy!

One of the benefits of getting to work early is that I get to leave nice and early too! I plan on going home and getting a nice relaxing run in! Ahh that sounds so fab right now!

Hubs is cooking a steak dinner for us tonight. He is THE BEST at cooking steak in our cast iron skillet. So ridiculously delicious! I can’t wait!

Let’s hope I can focus enough to get at least a little bit of work done!





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5 responses to “I’m Old!!!

  1. Oh, Love the watch! And happy birthday you youngun! 🙂

  2. TriGirl

    Happy birthday youngster!

  3. sam

    Happy birthday!!! Such a cute present! Have a great one!!

  4. sipsandsteps

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday! I think I have the same watch but in silver! 🙂

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