First of all, thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes on Tuesday. Between Facebook, Twitter, my blog, texts, and phone calls, I was definitely feeling the love all day long.

My birthday was a really great day. I was able to leave work at 3, which seriously felt like a vacation. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up steaks. Hubs cooked up a storm! We had steak, taters, and green beans. It was deeeelish!!


Hubs also surprised me with the Harry Potter box set. I have not read ANY of the books! I know, I know… I’m fired. I’m super stoked to start reading them!!


A couple weeks ago, my building at work had a health fair in the lobby. There were booths set up with all kinds of info. I went with my co-worker and made a beeline for the body fat booth.

So, what was the damage?!


What does that even mean?!?! The guy basically summed it up like this:

Description             Women           Men
Essential fat             10–13%          2–5%
Athletes                     14–20%         6–13%
Fitness                       21–24%         14–17%
Average                     25–31%          18–24%
Obese                         32%+             25%+

Women have to have about 12% body fat just to survive and be even remotely healthy. My 22% puts me in a pretty good place. It definitely leaves room for improvement but I am at a healthy body fat. That is definitely a relief!

The plan:
The most effective way to get your body fat percentage down is to build muscle. Strength training is your friend. We are talking weights, pushups, lunges and all that other stuff that is hard so we always skip it. Adding cardio with the strength training also helps, but I don’t think many of us are having trouble getting the cardio in. It’s always the cross training and strength training that is so easy to skip.

I personally love the burn that strength training provides. Yes, it hurts but that means it’s working!! Instant gratification.

Have you ever had your body fat tested?



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3 responses to “22%

  1. I’ve never read the HPs either but I have all the books. I meant to get started on #2 last weekend but it never happened.

    I get my body fat done once every 4 months or so from my personal trainer. I’m at 17% which I’m pretty happy with. I do a lot of strength training!

  2. sam

    Glad you had an amazing birthday!! And I wish I would’ve gotten my body fat tested bfore I started loosing weight and after.. I know I’ve lost some!

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