Discovery Park

I have so much to share with you from this weekend. It was UH-MAZING. From a princess party to new hiking trails, it was full of good times. I thought I’d start with our adventures at Discovery Park.

Hubs surprised me on Saturday night with a fabulous idea. He heard about a place called Discovery Park and wanted to go check it out. It was going to be 80 degrees outside. OF COURSE I would go anywhere that involved the sun!

It was beautiful.

We walked along this trail that actually has a 2.8 mile loop around the whole park. We didn’t follow the loop all the way. Just far enough to get to a new trail that would lead us to a lighthouse!


It was an absolutely beautiful day. Once we got to the “beach” where the lighthouse was, hubs and I brought out our inner 7 year olds by skipping rocks in the water. I seriously have not done that in years! It was SO fun. We also collected a few really cool rocks to bring home as a souvenir.


After we were done with our adventure, we headed back along the trails to get back to our car. I couldn’t believe how green and beautiful it was. The scenery definitely helped me get over the fact that my legs were on fire from walking up a huge hill!


I definitely want to cone back again. I am guessing it was about a 3 mile round trip hike. Not too far, not too short. The scenery definitely made it though!


If you are ever in Seattle and are looking for something less touristy to do that is FREE, I definitely recommend checking out Discovery Park. Make sure to bring your camera! 🙂


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