The whirlwind has just begun

Happy Labor Day everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying the day off with family and friends soaking up the sun. After all, this holiday typically marks the end of summer.

This weekend was amazing. Man, I have so much to catch you all up on. First things first… I have a confession to make. August did not turn out how I hoped. I only ran 18 miles. I think that is nearly an all time monthly low. I am not dwelling on those numbers though. Instead, I am already making up for it in September.

Friday: 4 miles ran. No garmin. FABULOUS run.
Saturday: 7 miles ran. 1:23. 11:51 pace. Slow. Hot. Hard. But beautiful.

I also walked miles and miles on the hills of downtown Seattle with my in laws!! I. Am. So. Sore.

Ooh baby it hurts SO good.

I have lots of pictures to share and good times to recap. But until then, I have to scour the house for my parents visit on Friday!!! Yes, more visitors!!! Love it!

Did you enjoy the sun this weekend?


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