Space Needle, Schmace Needle

On Friday, after a seriously fabulous run along Alki, the in-laws, hubs, and I headed downtown to eat at Eliot’s along the waterfront. Yum.

If you want a nice meal with a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains, Eliot’s is a great option.

After our bellies were full, we walked to the Columbia Tower. The Columbia Tower happens to be BY FAR the tallest building in Seattle. There is an observation deck on the 73rd floor (yes, I said 73!!) that is a little secret.


Let me save you some money right now. Do not bother going to the space needle. It costs $18 to take an elevator ride to go to the top. There is an amazing observation deck at the top but c’mon… A family of 4 would cost $72 bucks!!! AND it does not have nearly as good as a view as the Columbia Tower.

The Columbia Tower only cost $5 for adults and $3 for students to go to there observation deck. SO. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.


Look how teeny tiny the space needle looks!!!


You can see the floating bridge in the distance in this one!!

One caveat is that the observation deck is only open on weekdays. I am super bummed about that fact because I was wanting to take my parents there this weekend. 😦


Goodness, I live in a beautiful place.



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2 responses to “Space Needle, Schmace Needle

  1. Yes, that is a great little secret isn’t it? And, there’s no wind threatening to hurl you over the edge (i’m just oh-so-slightly afraid of heights).

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