Money well spent

Saturday afternoon, I ran a hard and slow 7 miles along the waterfront in downtown Seattle. Besides nearly taking out about 478373 people AND their luggage, it was beautiful. A cruise ship had just dropped off a shit ton of people. Once I wiggled my way around the crowd, it became one of my new fav places to run. There is so much to look at the whole time! It was hot and I was sweaty, but that is 7 more miles in my book.



A couple months ago, hubs and I bought a chiminea for our backyard. We have used it almost every single weekend since then. Hubs likes to smoke his cigar and I like to enjoy a cocktail (or 4) while sitting by it. This past weekend, we got to enjoy it with hub’s parents.


We LOVE making s’mores with it. Holy yum. I bought s’more poker stick thingys from Amazon and they are PERFECT!


With a 7&7 in hand and a s’more in my belly, I had a great time.


We plan on using it lots this weekend too with my parents. It is such a relaxing way to end the night.


1 more day til my parents are here!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! I seriously can not wait!!

What was your best purchase recently?



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2 responses to “Money well spent

  1. sipsandsteps

    Hope your parents are able to make it! Where did you get your chiminea? We are in the market for one also now that we have a house and a backyard! Other question.. have you always been a runner? did you enjoy it in the beginning? When did running become routine?

    • We got ours at Home Depot! They have a bunch in store and online!! You should totally get one! They are awesome!! Great questions! I will write a post answering all of them because it will probably make for a really long comment! 🙂

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