If you live in a bubble, then you would probably be interested to hear that Southern California had a MAJOR power outage last night. The power was out from LA to Mexico and even parts of Arizona.


Unfortunately for me, this also meant that the San Diego airport cancelled their flights. My parents were supposed to leave San Diego to come visit me this morning. MAJOR bummer.


Regardless of flights being cancelled or delayed, my dad owns his own business and once the power comes back on, his customers will most definitely be frantically calling him. Having them up this weekend is just no longer an option.

I am so bummed. I have been cleaning all week in preparation for their visit. You name it, I’ve done it. I bought a ton of food that will not last past this weekend. And plus, I was just really looking forward to seeing them.

Luckily, Southwest airlines kicks major booty and allowed people affected by the outage move their flights anytime in the next two weeks. Sooo… My parents will be coming NEXT weekend!!!! Wooooooo!

Has your flight ever been cancelled?


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