True Life: I’m a runner?

I was just recently asked some great questions about my running, so I thought I’d write a post about it to share with all of you. Some of you may have heard my story before, but for those of you who haven’t, here you go! 🙂

Christina @ Sips and Steps asked me: “Have you always been a runner? Did you enjoy it in the beginning? When did running become routine?”

Have I always been a runner?

In short… No Way!! Haha But I have always been athletic. I started gymnastics when I was 3 years old. I continued it competitively until I was 13.


From that point, I started all star cheerleading. None of that rah rah stuff. The hardcore stunts and tumbling kind.


I continued cheer until college. I was offered a full ride scholarship to a great school for cheerleading, but my back could no longer handle the pounding (I have scoliosis).

In high school, I also did gymnastics and dive for my school. I was ALWAYS on the go. I ate like crap but I was burning SO many calories every day that it didn’t really matter. My mom used to joke that she could never keep me full.


I did not start running until after hubs and I got married. We got married in October of 2009 and by March of 2010, I had ballooned up to a weight that I was no longer comfortable with. Hubs felt the same way about his weight, so we decided to go on a diet and workout regime together. It was amazing.

[Me at about my heaviest. I know I was far from obese, but I had way more cushion on me than I should have.]

Did you enjoy it in the beginning?

No. I only did it because I knew I needed to. I liked being active, but running was definitely not my cup of tea in the beginning. It was HARD and I was SLOW. I still am slow, but I was REALLY slow at the beginning.

The turning point for me was when I signed up for my first race. It gave me a realistic goal to work towards. I knew I had to be ready to run those 3.1 miles by the time the race came, so it really motivated me.


Then I ran my first race. After that, I was HOOKED! There is just something so thrilling about crossing that finish line. For the first time in a while, I was really proud of myself.

When did running become routine?

Running is still not quite a routine for me. It takes a lot for me to get up and put my shoes on. But once I do, I never regret it. I always feel better and accomplished after a run. That feeling you get after a really great run is unlike any sport I have ever played.

There are some weeks where I feel burned out from running. I give myself breaks if I need it. I am not afraid to let my body rest, because I know that I will never let myself to get to the point I was at before. I am so much happier at my current weight and endurance level. I can do things now that would tire me out like crazy before. I feel good. That feeling is what motivates me to get out the door.

In all honesty though, I have been running consistently since March of 2010. When I am not training for something, I usually run about 30 miles a month. That number started being the norm a few months into starting a workout regime. But like I said, running and working out is hard. Even when it becomes a routine, it can be very easy to choose the couch over the dreadmill. You gotta find something to get you motivated to get up and out the door. For me, that is racing.

What motivates you to get your fitness on?

If any of you have any questions (no topic is forbidden) feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. 🙂


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