Missing them already

This past weekend was the best weekend I have had in a long time. My parents came to visit and got to see the city that we now call home. It’s about time!



It definitely helps knowing that your parents approve of your home and your city. I think it helps them just as much as it helps me.

We had so much fun touring Seattle. We took my parents to Pike Place, the top of the Space Needle, across the floating bridge, to an ‘all you can eat meat’ Brazilian BBQ place… We played rock band, drank beer margs, drank wine… We laughed, we talked, we enjoyed each others company.


The weekend went by incredibly too fast. I didn’t want them to leave. Luckily, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we will be back in San Diego to see them!

I am so incredibly lucky to have such amazing and supportive parents. They have been there for me through everything. It makes my heart so happy to hear them say how proud they are of me for taking such a big risk and moving. I know they miss me and wish I was still in San Diego, but they also know that Seattle is the best career move we could have made. We are making something of ourselves.

“He that is over-cautious will accomplish little” -Friedrich Von Schiller

So true. I think this can be applied to many things in life. If I would not have done something that was scary to me (sign up for my first half marathon, move to Seattle, fall in love), I have no idea where I would be right now.

What have you done to take a big risk?



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5 responses to “Missing them already

  1. That sounds like a great time! It’s nice when you’re so close to your family!

  2. Blah. I haven’t done anything risky. Maybe moving to Orlando by myself 9 years ago? But I would love to move to Seattle and you can show me around and we can go for nice cool runs together!
    Glad you had a fun weekend. 🙂

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