Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Last nights workout:
Number of miles ran: 3.1
Total time: 33:38
Pace: 10:51
Number of walk breaks: 2 (1 after each mile)
Ounces of sweat produced: 4,704,578
Times I thought I was gonna pee myself: 2
Number of crunches: 65
Number of rolls on my stomach: 3
Number of side to sides: 125
Number of love handles: 2
Number of refills of water: 1
Total pairs of running shoes owned: 2
Total pairs of running shoes that hurt my body: 1
Shoe success ratio: 50%
Total miles on successful shoes: 429.88
Number of Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6’s available in a 9.5: Zero!

I knew I should have bought 374575468 pairs of them when they were available. I can’t find these dang shoes anywhere. Not gonna lie, I loatheeee running shoes shopping.

running shoes

I swear I have skinny, super flat feet, with major pronation, but everytime I get analyzed it says I have average width, high arched, slightly pronated feet. What gives?! You can just look at my foot and see that I have no arch whatsoever. I don’t need fancy equipment to show me that.

I am waffling between getting another pair of Mizunos (probably the wave inspire series) or Brooks. I have heard so many wonderful things about Brooks, so they might be worth a try. All I know is that I will miss you, Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6’s.


So now, here is the million dollar question: Which shoes should I go with?

Mizuno wave inspire 7’s

mizuno wave inspire 7sBrooks Ghost 3’s

brooks ghost 3's

Saucony ProGrid Guide 3’s

Saucony ProGrid Guide 3

Help a girl out! Which shoes do you think I should get?

How often do you replace your shoes?



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3 responses to “Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

  1. jane

    Go to Super Jock n Jill at Greenlake. They will MAKE you try on multiple pairs of shoes and MAKE you run outside and up the little hill outside the store to make sure you like the feel. They really want you to have the right shoes for you.

    I only wear Brooks Adrenaline. They’re not pretty, but I have not had any injuries in the 8 years I’ve been wearing them. (Had IT band issues when I use to switch around.) It’s so important to find the right shoe for you.

  2. I wear Asics, which have never given me any trouble. But it’s all about making those feet of yours happy!

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