Viva Las Vegas

Last nights workout:
3 miles in 32:21

“Long” run planned for this weekend!!! 🙂


Well ladies and gents, it is official. I will be finding myself in Las Vegas the weekend of December 3rd!! This trip coincidentally falls on the same weekend as the Rock n Roll Las Vegas marathon and half marathon. No, I will not be running. I will instead be getting sloppy in the nearest bar with some friends. Hey, what happens in Vegas…


It is fab friend J’s birthday so a huge group of us will be celebrating in style! To get myself pumped up for what is guaranteed to be a blast in a glass, I scoured the Forever 21 website for anything hoochie with a lil pizazz that would work for Vegas. I had a LOT of luck.


[Edit: this one ended up looking more business-ie and less hoochie. Plus it hugged me in the wrong places. This will be going back.]

This adorable dress was only $19.80!! You can’t beat that! Most dresses from department stores will run you from 50 to 100+ dollars! This was a major score.


This one was only $19.80 as well! They had it in a cobalt blue color but I liked the black better for me. Seriously love this dress.


This is not the exact dress that I got. Mine is more of a gold color and definitely shorter. This thing is SHORT! But if I get my body where I know it can be, then this will be HOTT. My hubs response when I tried it on… “I liiiiiike that one.” For only $24.90, I couldn’t pass up HOTT!

So that’s it folks. I have a little over 2 months to get my legs strong and lean again. No backing out this time. The flight is even booked already. That means if I don’t get toned, I will be looking like a trampy slob-kabob on the streets of Vegas. And THAT doesn’t look hott on anyone.

For all the fashionistas out there… what color shoes go with a gold dress?!?! I usually wear gold as an accent color, so I have no idea what to put on my feet when my whole dress is gold! Time to scour the interwebs.

Besides Vegas, what other places are totally acceptable to look like a hoochie mama?!

If you will be in Vegas that weekend for the race or for the blogging summit, let me know! I’d love to try to plan a time to meet you!



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2 responses to “Viva Las Vegas

  1. I want that dress! Sooo Vegas too. But if it’s short on you, it would probably be crazy short on me.

  2. Fun that you are going to Vegas! Can I come in your suitcase? Haha. Love the gold dress, seriously cute!

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