Goodbye Summer

Seattle has officially decided that Summer is over and Fall is here in full force! I honestly couldn’t be more excited.


This is the first year ever that I will actually be able to experience all of the seasons! The leaves are already changing color, there is a nip in the air, fall is here!!!

In order to kick October off right, I ran 5 miles on Betty while it was raining. I was planning to run 7, but my stomach wasn’t cooperating, so I finished the last two on the bike. I followed that up with some ab work. Only 2 months til Vegas, which means only 2 months til my legs need to be toned!

Hubs informed me last night that he wants me to get a J. Lo inspired dress for Vegas.


Remember this one that caused all the controversy back in like 2005 or something?! Yes, let’s point out that it is cut BELOW her naval!!! I may be planning on dressing like a hooch (it’s Vegas after all!) but I may have to draw the line at exposure of the belly button. I may, just for him, find a slight plunging neckline dress.

Darn, I guess that means more shopping for me… how ever will I survive?!

Other items on the list:

  • Boots that will survive the rain and keep my feet warm
  • Socks that will go with said boots (The only socks I have now are for running… I rarely wear them!)
  • Waterproof shoes for hubs
  • An umbrella for hubs (his current one looks like it was made for a 5 year old… SO tiny)
  • V-neck sweater that I could wear over a button up shirt (LOVE that look)
  • Gloves for when it gets really cold
  • Stylish and sassy beanie (no ordinary beanie will do 😉 )
  • Articles of clothing that will work well with layering (supposedly that is the trick to surviving winters where it is not 75 degrees)
  • Shiny black leggings for Vegas (Trust me on this one. I have an adorable daytime outfit planned.)

I am sure there are more things, but I think those will get me through most of the winter! Ahhh I am so excited!!!

What is your ‘go to’ clothing item of choice for surviving the winter?




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6 responses to “Goodbye Summer

  1. I’m all about boots and scarves, baby! You know, I didn’t mind that JLo dress back in the day but now I’m hating it. I think that means I’m old now. Pretty sure if I had her body I’d still be wearing that thing to the grocery store, though.

    • Grocery store! Hahaha! You crack me up. I totally know what you mean though. I’m still young but I am already WAY more conservative in my attire than I used to be!! There’s nothin wrong with a little cleave here and there, but I just don’t know about the whole belly button thing!! Yikes!

  2. Well I do like my sweater collection and have already dug into it 🙂
    Lindsay @ Lindsay on the Go and I were talking about a meetup…would you be interested?

  3. Amy

    Hi there, just found you from SR. I’m an Orange Countian living in Seattle so I like your style 🙂 May I offer an unsolicited suggestion on the umbrella? I would say instead of, or in addition to, an umbrella, consider a really good raincoat instead. I get more use out of those than I do an umbrella, especially when it’s that light mist like we’ve been having today. Some people say nobody in Seattle uses umbrellas–well, they haven’t walked around the campus at UW. But umbrellas are also great for those days where it’s pouring and you’re standing at an unsheltered bus stop.

    Back to jackets, definitely invest in some good Gortex and pit zips are a must!!!!!!! They are soooo nice, especially when your body starts to overheat or it’s between seasons and you need the cover-up but also ventilation. Anyway, since moving up here my favorites I’ve found are North Face (for the lighter, no-liner kind) and Mountain Hardware (for the ones with liners –warmth).

    Also for boots like you describe, nothing keeps my feet warm & dry like “Totes” brand.

    • Omg you are fabulous. Thank you so much for the advice. I definitely snagged a couple north face jackets from the downtown store when we first moved here. I’m definitely going to need something warmer though. I’ll check out all the brands you told me about! Thanks again!!

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