I got the fever

Last nights workout:

5 mile run
4 mile bike ride (15:08)
1 mile run @ 9:26 pace (She was a brick housee)

Total run: 6 miles @ 1:06:58/11:10 pace

[using my water bottle from the fab people at onlineshoes.com]


Wow, what an inspiring weekend. There were marathons and half marathons ALL over the place. I couldn’t help but be a complete stalker and watch them every step of the way.

stalker comic

This girl ran the Chicago Marathon as her very first marathon. I hope she is celebrating with a GIGANTIC Reeses right now.

This girl was going for a sub 4 hour marathon and just missed it. But she is still wayyyy bad ass for running a marathon after training for only 6.5 weeks. Drink up tonight, girl. You deserve it.

This girl killed her 3rd half marathon ever with a HUGE PR!

There were SOOOO many more too. Seriously, everyone kicked ass!

It made me miss training for a race so bad. I haven’t ran a half since June and haven’t ran a race at all since July. My running has been casual, at best. I am so ready to be training again. I am planning on running the San Diego Half Marathon with my sister (her very first one) in March, but that is just way too far away. Soooo, I am seriously thinking about signing up for this race:

Seattle Half Marathon

I am finding myself in Seattle for Thanksgiving this year (we were originally planning to go to San Diego, but tickets are way too expensive), so I am thinking I MUST sign up.


  • The race is the week before I go to Vegas, so it will motivate me to REALLY work out and get in shape for my hoochie dresses.
  • The medals are SOOOO cool looking
  • We get long sleeve tech tees (I only have 1 long sleeve tech tee from a previous race and I wear it ALL the time)
  • There is something crazy like a 6 hour time limit so I won’t have to worry about my time
  • I have not ran a half in Seattle yet!


  • I only have 7 weeks until the half which means an extremely shortened training schedule
  • It is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so it will most likely be raining. I have only ran in the rain 3 times.
  • It is a VERY hilly course – I am soooo not in shape for hills

Well, there are definitely more Pros than Cons. I am thinking I need to sign up. What do you think? Is a 7 week training plan to ambitious?

What is your shortest training plan that you have done?



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9 responses to “I got the fever

  1. My training plan is way too long. I wish is was shortened. I think you can do it as long as you stick to a good plan. And didn’t you do the Carlsbad race too and that was really hilly? You can do hills. You eat hills for breakfast!

    • Yeah, usually by the end of my training plans I am SO ready for it to be over. Maybe with a shortened one I will still be super motivated the whole time! My first half was San Dieguito (I think that’s the one you are thinking of) and it is WAY WAY WAY hilly. It was killer! I am not very good at hills, but at least I know I can survive! haha I SO think I am going to do it! WOOO!

  2. Ah thanks! It’s still crazy to me that I ran three half marathons this year. Might move onto bigger things next year 😉

    • Ahhhh! Does that mean there is a full in your future?!?! OMG that is so exciting. I don’t have the bug for that yet. I bet I will get the bug after I have a really good half. I still haven’t had one where I haven’t died at mile 10. Hopefully that will come soon! 🙂

  3. Ahh I’ve got that fever to but to do my first half- I’m just now (like currently driving up) moving to the seattle area and getting excited for running in a new place; however, I’ve never ran in the rain! I think you should go for it you already crank out some great mileage I’m sure 7 weeks would be fine for you! Me on the other hand… Might be pushing that 6 hour limit haha


  4. Ah I feel ya! I want to start running and preping for my first 1/2. I’m currently (as in driving right now) moving to the seattle area and I can’t wait to get running up there. I guess ill have to get used to the rain but I’m sure you would do fine training for only 7 weeks! Do it!!


  5. Darlene Cardillo

    Do it! There’s no better high than finishing a Half Marathon. I did one with only 6 wks but I was injured & hadn’t been running. I still had fun even though it wasn’t my best effort.

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