Burger Burps

Happy hump day, bloggy friends.

Last nights workout:
3.5 miles in 39:49 (11:23 pace)

Man oh man Betty was a bitch last night. I decided by eenie meanie miney moe very scientifically that Tuesdays are going to be my hill workout days. Geeze I seriously need it.

Betty, my treadmill, has a whole bunch of pre defined workouts such as fartleks, intervals, hills, etc. I decided to start at level one with my hill workout, cuz let’s face it… my ass is weak.

That $4!+ is HARD!!

Normally when I run on Betty, I always have the incline set at 1% to make it more like running outside. Last night, the incline was set to 1 at the very beginning and then I never saw it again. My workout looked like this…

Incline. Time. Speed.
2. 1 min. 4.5-5.5 mph
3. 1 min. 5.5-6 mph
4. 1 min. 5.5 mph

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The only time I let myself walk was during the 2% incline phase. I counted that as my ‘recovery’ stage. I never walked for more than 30 seconds at a time though. Just long enough to catch my breath and grab some water.

I think this run would have been all fine and dandy if I hadn’t eaten a big, fresh, scrumptious burger at our anniversary dinner just moments before bending over for Betty. I thought that I was going to be seeing my burger again. Between that, the burger burps (that’s the name of my new band), and hills, I was crying for mercy big time.


In other news, it has been cold enough in Seattle to justify wearing my new beanie!!!! I am obsessed! I want one in every color now!!


$5.80 at Forever 21 baby!!!!!!!

Do you ever wear beanies?!



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2 responses to “Burger Burps

  1. Sam

    Ouch! That run sounds killer!! I bet if you keep doing that, it will totally improve your flat run time!

    And that beanie.is toooooo cute!! I havent been a beanie girl but may.need to.start!!

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