Bringin My A Game

Last nights workout:

Ran 3.5 miles in 38:06 (10:53 pace)

First thing is first. I REALLY did not want to run last night. Finally, after letting my food settle for what I thought was enough time, I tweeted and then got going.

skippinginsea twitter

I almost gave up 1.3 miles in. I quickly realized that my food was not settled. In fact, it was quite angry at me and I nearly saw it again. PLUS hubs decided to turn our heater on. Reasonable considering it got to a high of like 57 degrees. Not so reasonable when you are melting and find out it is 78 degrees in your house. After sitting with my face directly in front of the fan for a couple minutes, my stomach calmed down a tiny bit and I decided to finish strong.

wind tunnel face
[The wind tunnel face is in these days]

My legs felt AMAZING during this run. They felt strong and ready for speed. The slower speeds (my normal speeds) felt HARDER than the faster ones. My legs just wanted to move. It was fantastic. Too bad my stomach was not agreeing with me. It was bad. Like the worst I think my stomach has ever been during a run. BUT, I pushed through it and ended up pretty dang happy about that run.


I don’t know about you guys, but I have already started planning my races for 2012. They are seriously right around the corner! I have officially decided that my A-race is going to be the RnR Seattle. That is the one I want to REALLY REALLY train for and have a huge PR. It is at the end of June, so that gives me plenty of time with nice weather to get my runs in outside. So SO excited.

Rock n Roll Seattle

I began checking out info on the RnR and discovered that there is a GREAT deal going on soon. If you register for the RnR Seattle on either 10/17/2011 or 10/18/2011 then you only pay $90 for the full marathon and $80 for the half! That is an amazing deal for a Rock n Roll series race. I think I paid like $125 for the half in San Diego last year. Needless to say, I will be snagging this deal up.

Is there anyone else out there thinking about doing the RnR Seattle? You know you wannaaaa! It’s pretty much guaranteed to be a high of like 65 in the middle of summer!!!! Paula and Cely, I’m talkin to youuuu… it will be a break from 100+ degree weather! Need more motivation? Look at these bad boys:

RnR Seattle Medal


Ahhhh I am so excited! 2012 is going to be the year of the half mary for me. I already have 3 planned that I FOR SURE want to do. And that only brings me to July!

Have you started looking at the 2012 race calendars?



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7 responses to “Bringin My A Game

  1. I haven’t but have been very tempted! I trying to figure out if I am going to do any races in 2012 or take a year off!

  2. I am thinking a full for next year…ahh! With maybe a half thrown in there 🙂 Have to stay motivated and a medal will help 🙂

    I wish I was filthy rich so race fees didn’t matter to me!

  3. I did punk out on the San Deigo one last year, so I owe you one. I would looooove to run in Seattle. It’s 65 at the end of June in Seattle? WTF!

    • Seriously girl!!! We are SO due to run the same race! It will get up to about 75 but that isn’t until like 4pm. Morning usually starts out at 65 ish! I think we only got above 80 about 5 times this summer!!! Perfect running conditions!!! 🙂

  4. runforwine

    I love when crappy runs turn into good runs. Way to see it through girl!

    I’ve heard pretty good things about Seattle RnR. One of my girlfreinds has a PR on that course. And your right. The weather is perfection. I’m dying to know what your other two halves are……

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