I love you, Mr. Postman

Yesterday after work, I came home to discover some lovin on my front doorstep from my new BFF, Mr. Postman.


Seeing a box like this is ALWAYS guaranteed to be a good time.

Anyways, I quickly opened it up to find these beauties.


It’s a beaut Clark, it’s a beaut.

FINALLY! After 461.88 miles, two half marathons, and LOTS of 5Ks, my amazing Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6’s have found their potential replacement. I say potential because I have had issues with shoes causing me hip pain before. I will have no problem sending these back if that pain creeps up again. Don’t worry though, choosing these shoes was an educated decision. I had my gait analyzed at a local running store in San Diego, and they recommended either the Wave Nirvanas or the Wave Inspires for me. Since the newest version of the Nirvanas are BUTT FREAKING UGLY (yes, I am that vain), I decided to give the Inspires a go. I did not buy them from a running store because Amazon was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper and they have a great return policy. It was only $70 for my shoes! I paid nearly $130 for my last pair!

Welcome, Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 to our little family. I can’t wait to take you out for a test spin.


P.S. This was the first time ever that I was BUMMED that it was a rest day yesterday. I had to wait a WHOLE day to try my shoes out! The horror!

What was the last thing you ordered online?



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20 responses to “I love you, Mr. Postman

  1. What haven’t I ordered online lately?! A dress, Stella & Dot jewelry and protein!

  2. Nicole

    Love this post! I just ordered myself a new pair of runners last night. I’m anxiously anticipating their delivery.

  3. I buy everything online because I am one lazy mofo. For real. My shoes, my clothes, music, books. All of it. I hate shopping but I LOVE shopping online! 🙂

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    I love Wave Inspires! I wore 5 & 6 but the 7’s killed my feet which made me so upset. I had to send them back. I heard a rumor that Mizuno was going to go back to the original design for the 8. Glad they arent giving you any issues. 🙂

  6. Last thing I bought online was a 2nd pair of Adrenalines – my marathon shoes! Enjoy your new Mizunos!

  7. Sabrina

    I run in the Wave Inspire or the Wave Nirvana and love them! I think they’re great shoes and I’m so glad to have found the right shoes for me. It’s such an important relationship!

  8. runforwine

    This is going to be a little bitchy. I think it kinda sucks that you have your running store do the work and then order it online 😦 Maybe you support your running store in other ways. It just makes me cringe when I see people promoting this.

    I don’t usually do the Rock n Roll races but I did see they had one in Portlnad next year. And it’s on my birthday! so of course I’m condiering it. That’s cool their doing a combined medal. Did you do the seatle rock n roll this year?

    • That’s not bitchy at all! It’s totally understandable. The only reason I bought online is because I no longer live in San Diego where I had my gait analyzed. When I did get it analyzed, I did buy my shoes from them… Along with about 5 gazillion other things haha. This actually brings up an interesting point that I think deserves it’s own post! Be on the lookout! 🙂 thanks for your input!

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