Last nights workout:

4 miles with my new shoes!!! 42:09 (10:32 pace)
Apparently my new shoes make me wanna go fast! My first mile was a nice and slow warm up (as usual)  at about an 11:50 pace.  In order to get down to a 10:32 average, that means I was doing about 10 minute miles for the last 3!! It has been a LONG time since I have done that. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Weeeee.

Needless to say, so far so good on the shoe front.


Just in case you haven’t been stalking my mileage widget on my blog, last night I surpassed the 300 mile threshold for the year!!!


That was the goal I set for myself starting January 1. I made it with 2 1/2 months to spare!! I guess that is what spontaneous half mary training will do to ya. I am excited to see how high that mileage will get, because I will basically be in training the rest of the year.

Speaking of half marathons, I just found out some awesome news… if you run the Rock N Roll Seattle AND the Rock N Roll Portland, then you get a limited edition medal for “Rockin’ the Pacific Northwest” ON TOP of getting the Rock Encore Heavy Medal Bling!!!

portland rnr

I NEEEEEEEEED that medal. I SO wish I would have signed up for the race when it was only $55. It is $95 from now until 12/31, so I have a little bit of time to decide for sure or not, but I definitely think I need that medal in my collection.

Man, the things we do and pay for in order to get a $3 medal… SO worth it.


Is anyone else considering ‘Rockin the Pacific Northwest’ this year?



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10 responses to “300

  1. I just found you on SR’s blog! Congrats on the 300 miles! That’s awesome!!

  2. I love how you can earn additional medals when you run more than one RnR race. I want to run all of them someday!

    Congrats on your speedy miles & hitting 300 – great job 🙂

  3. Lynne

    I am totally Rockin’ the PNW!! Signed up for both at rock bottom prices so I’m pretty happy about that (Portland when they first announced it, Seattle at last year’s expo)! Glad to find your blog on SR!

  4. Definitely do RNR Portland, because I’m doing it too! I haven’t decided if I’m doing RNR Seattle yet, but there is still time for me to make that call. It would be 3 halfs in 2 months… but craziness has never stopped me before.

  5. A bunch of friends and I are flying out from Denver to do the Portland RnR Half! We weren’t planning on Seattle, but the Vegas RnR 2012 is on the list as well 🙂

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