Seattle Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Another week has come and gone folks. I am one week closer to my 3rd half marathon. Only 5 more weeks to go!

So how did I do with my training this week? Ehhhh… It could have been better.

I felt super sick and queasy on Wednesday and forced myself to skip my cross training. Wait a sec, who the hell am I kidding?! I wasn’t feeling well at all so I gladly took the day off. And you know what?! It was WORTH it! I woke up feeling like a whole new person on Thursday.

Then, Saturday I had 9 miles scheduled. 9 miles is BY FAR my worst mileage. It seems so pointless. You get SO close to double digits, but not close enough to claim victory. I think that messes with my head a bit. It was a HARD run for me mentally. I just wasn’t in it. I cut it short at 7.1 miles and honestly I’m surprised I made it that far.

Sunday, I ran 2 faster miles to try and make up for the 2 miles missed the previous day. IT WAS HARD. Why the heck were those two miles so hard?! Oh yeah, cuz this dumbass forgot that I had the incline at 2% the WHOLE time.

im stupid

Impromptu hill workout, FTW! I followed that run up with 5.1 miles on the bike in 20 minutes, 100 crunches, and 200 side to sides.

hill workout

Total mileage for the week: 16.1 miles

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


I think I have figured out that I am not consuming enough calories during my long runs. I typically have Jelly Belly Sport Beans because they are ridiculously delicious, but I tend to forget to eat them until it is too late. And only eating a couple of them is not enough…


I end up feeling a little light headed after my run is over until I get some calories in me. Chocolate milk is AMAZING for that, by the way. I think I am going to attempt having a whole peanut butter sandwich during my 10 miler this weekend. Seems like it would be hard to forget about a sandwich. It also seems like an easy and delicious way to get some calories in my body. I’ll let you know how it goes.


How do you fuel during your long runs?



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8 responses to “Seattle Half Marathon Training: Week 2

  1. I had trouble fueling on runs until I started using Gu. I couldn’t make myself eat enough shot bloks to actually get some energy. I think my face was too tired to chew. Or I was too lazy.

  2. Im not hardcore enough yet to need to eat being that the longest I’ve ran is 5 miles but I’m not looking forward to longer runs where I need to fuel. It just feels like too much to worry with… I can’t imagin running and eating a sandwhich lol good luck though! I know this comment is totally unhelpful lol sorry!

    • Your comment is totally helpful! I love hearing input from people with all different levels of experience. 5 miles is great! You are not far off from having to fuel! Sport beans have always worked for me in the past, especially when I remember to eat them!!! haha

  3. GU (mint chocolate is my go to) or hammer gel by hammer nutrition (raspberry is awesome!) is what i use, but it isn’t for everyone…and you definitely need to drink water when you take them, i made that mistake…ouch

    • I think I need to just (wo)man up and try gels of some form. Just to say I have tried it. Can’t knock it til you’ve tried it, right? haha Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll have to pick up some at my running store!

  4. Have you thought about what you are eating before a long run? I need to eat a pretty decent breakfast before any run over 9 miles to sustain me and then I eat sports beans about half way through to help get through the rest. Chocolate milk IS the best recovery drink period! Good luck training!

    • My go to breakfast has always been either an english muffin with peanut butter or oatmeal. I think one problem may be that the past two weeks I have been eating breakfast and then waiting too long afterwards to run. That is definitely a great point. I will be better about that this week and see how it goes! Thanks girl!

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