Dreadmill Entertainment

Last nights workout:

Ran 3 miles in 33:39 (11:13 pace)
Biked 2.6 miles in 10:16
100 crunches
3×10 pushups
3×20 sec static crunch

Yesterday was supposed to be a cross training day, but since I missed my run on Tuesday, I decided to be a bad ass and do both. I know, I’m so hardcore.

My run was a major hill workout. Brutal, but felt great. I was channeling my inner SUAR and has some LAC (left ass cheek) tightness. I just told myself that it was my cellulite being pissed off that I was giving it an eviction notice. If only it were that easy.


I have started watching Friday Night Lights while I run on Betty. I know, I know… that is SO 5 years ago. The first episode was kind of slow and not very entertaining for being on the ‘ol mill, but the more I watch it, the better it is getting. I’m almost done with Season 1 episode 3. Only like 74 more episodes to go… gotta love Netflix instant streaming on my iPhone.

Friday night lights

I will reserve judgement until I watch more episodes, but so far, I miss working out to the musical genius that is Glee (I know Paula is cringing right now haha). Love that show. The story line is lame and the acting is pretty bad, but the music is AMAZING. ❤


In COMPLETELY unrelated news… these two people should never sit together… EVER.





What entertains you when you have to run on the treadmill?



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3 responses to “Dreadmill Entertainment

  1. Glee is my FAVORITE dreadmill show! When the musical numbers start I always up the speed. Esp if they’re cheesey show tunes. I want to cringe and die of embarassement when Mr Schu starts singing though.

    What is absolutely horrible to watch while on the treadmill? Mad Men. I don’t even know what I was thinking. I almost fell asleep running.

    • I did the SAME thing with glee!!! It is fabulous!!! I loveee Mad Men but I can totally see how it would be awful to run to. I bed Breaking Bad would be good to run to. That show just sucks you in!

  2. I shall forgive you for this one indescretion. THIS TIME. 😉

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