Merry Christmas to meeeeeee!

Happy Fridayyyy!!! Thank goodness it is here! This has been the longest week EVER.

Tonight, hubs and I are going to carve pumpkins with cousie D. It has been YEARS since I have carved a pumpkin. I am seriously looking forward to it. Oh yes, and can’t forget my Friday pre-long run ritual of pizza and booze. Get here FAST 5 o’clock!


It is officially getting COLD in Seattle. It has been 41 degrees this whole week when I leave for work in the morning. This So Cal girl just isn’t used to that! So, in order to combat the cold, I have gone on a mini shopping spree for warm clothes (Thanks hubs for supporting my shopping habits).

It all started with needing a new pair of boots. Boots are essential in the PNW. Even more essential than boots, boots that are not suede. No way getting around it. After much browsing, I finally stumbled upon these beauties.


I have black boots and I have cognac boots, so grey boots were imperative to add to my collection. Aren’t they fab? Target. $29.99 + 20% off + $5 off order + free shipping = NECESSARY purchase.

THEN, I was on the lookout for a good pair of riding boots. No, I do not ride horses, but I LOVE that trend right now. Plus, a good FLAT boot is perfect for walking around in the rain… Apparently we get a lot of that wet stuff up here. Once again Target came to my rescue.


$39.99 + 20% off + $5 off order + free shipping = NECESSARY purchase #2.

What is a cute boot without a cute sweater to wear along with it? A waste of a fabulous outfit, that is what. I snagged a couple sweaters from Target too, but only one has made it into my loving arms so far. How adorbs is this?!


$17.99 + 20% off + $5 off order + free shipping = Thank you sir, may I have another.

I have some more things on the way (including running PANTS!). I’ll share as soon as I get them.

When is the last time you have carved a pumpkin?

Have you hopped on the riding boot trend?



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5 responses to “Merry Christmas to meeeeeee!

  1. All very necessary purchases! So cute! I’m in the market for some cute chocolate brown flat boots. *swoon*

  2. Love the brown boots. Target needs to ship to Canada or get here quickly!!

  3. FNL is amazing!! We started watching on Netflix a few mos ago and are on Season 4. love love love it. Hope you enjoy!!

  4. I saw those boots at Target and came THISCLOSE to buying them. LOVE them. But I have so many freakin’ boots and I can wear them like, one month a year, I just couldn’t justify it since they weren’t on sale. So, now I must live through you.
    That top is super cute too. We have similar clothes taste I think!

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