Seattle Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I can’t believe October is already coming to an end. I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday weekend. Mine was definitely a good time. I will be sharing all the festivities with you later.


Can I get a do-over for last week? No? Damn, that sucks. With only a 7 week training plan, I don’t really give myself time to have a slacker week, but I managed to do it anyways. I am just THAT good at being a slacker. Here’s how it went down.

Tuesday: Was supposed to run 3 miles. Ended up falling asleep on the couch after having a ridiculously long commute home. Slept right through my workout.

Wednesday: Was supposed to cross train. Ended up getting my 3 miles in AND cross training. I was getting myself back on track and it felt great.

Thursday: Was supposed to run 3 miles. I was SO sore. My legs were pretty achy too. Decided to take the night off.

Friday: Rest day. I never run the night before long runs.

Saturday: Was supposed to run 10 miles. I ended up waking up at about 11 instead of 9 ish, like normal. Then I proceeded to waste my day away by watching movies with hubs. Then we went to the store to get stuff to make chicken noodle soup. Decided to push my 10 miler to Sunday.

Sunday: 10 miler make up. Now THAT is what I want 10 miles to feel like. I decided to push my run to Sunday so that I could get motivated by all the marathoners on Sunday. It TOTALLY worked. I was so in the zone.

This successful run was brought to you by:




Those three made for a BEAUTIFUL combination. I had a peanut butter sandwich (no jelly, ick!) before my run. During the run, I drank Nuun and ate Jelly Belly Sport Beans. I think I had somewhere around 8 sport beans total which is way more than I had last week. Eating more plus the added electrolytes from the Nuun really helped me. I felt 100% normal after my run.

10.09 miles in 1:55:26 (11:26 pace)

I am definitely a Nuun believer. AND they sell it at the grocery store now. It works a million times better than Gatorade. No thick film in your mouth after drinking it. No added sugar. Perfection.

Total mileage for the week: 13.09. (yikes)

Although I wanted that total mileage number to be closer to 17, I am proud of myself for listening to my body. If it needs rest, it needs rest. There is no need to go and get myself injured just to hit a mileage quota. I am still determined to be ready for the Seattle Half. 4 weeks and counting…

Are you a Nuun believer?

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I can’t wait to show you my costume!!



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6 responses to “Seattle Half Marathon Training: Week 3

  1. runforwine

    Better late than never on that long run! Glad it worked out so well for you. When you get the nutrition right – magic happens, I swear.

  2. Yes, rest when body says rest! So easy to ignore body and then end up hybernating for a week straight…wait, did I do that? LOL! Way to go on your long run!!!!

  3. I’m running the Seattle half too!! I’ve never tried Nuun but I have a sample! I totally forgot and I’ll have to try it!

  4. So I’m signed up for the half marathon too!! I just signed up today – I’m coming to visit my husband November 19th through December 4th! I hope we can meet up while I’m there!!! We should connect on Facebook too – send me an email!! 🙂

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