Happy Hallowienerrrr!

OMG this was the most fantastic Halloween ever!! It all started with carving pumpkins…


Oh yeah… We know how to carve pumpkins right. A little bit of pizza and a lotta bit of vino does a body good. The final product…


Can you guess which one is mine?

Did you say this one?

If you didn’t, you need to read my blog more and learn more about me! 🙂

Then, to complete the whole princess theme, I came up with this beauty for my Halloween costume…


Oh. YES. I. did!!

Not only did I rock this costume all day long at work, but I also was asked to be present during the trick or treating festivities for the day care in my building. We are talkin LOTS of kids from babies to 4 years old. They were in complete awe.

[me and my princess partner in crime]

The kids didn’t know whether to run up to us or run away. Some were scared and others absolutely loved it. It was SO cool. I took so many pictures with kids. It is something I will never forget.

Then trick or treating at my house commenced. Of course, I still rocked Cindy. One little girl was SO excited about my Cinderella pumpkin and then I opened the door in full costume. Her little eyes got so big. She didn’t know what to do. It was amazing. I seriously wish I could experience that every day.

Most amazing Halloween ever!!!! This costume will officially be repeated EVERY year. Next years addition will be glass slippers! 🙂

How was your Halloween?



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4 responses to “Happy Hallowienerrrr!

  1. Haha that is awesome! Where did you find the costume?

  2. runforwine

    Wow. You know how to do it right!

  3. sipsandsteps

    Awesome costume!

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